Why ingoing and outgoing condition reports are so important


All property Investors take note!

Other than the Tenancy Agreement, the Ingoing and Outgoing Condition Reports are two of the most vital documents to be held during the management of your property.

As the Central Coast’s leading property management specialists, we pay great attention to detail in our condition reports to protect your property and your interests. Our ingoing and outgoing reports not only detail the cleanliness and state of repair of the property, but also document:

  • All appliance brand names and model details, and

  • The number and colour of window coverings and light fittings.

In addition, we take numerous photographs, and in all cases video footage, to illustrate the condition of the property and further protect your interests.

At the ingoing and outgoing stages of a tenancy, landlords may be preoccupied with getting the tenant in quickly to minimise vacancy. Similarly, when a tenant vacates the premises, the focus is often more on selecting the next tenant than it is on the state of the property when the existing tenant leaves.

As a client of ours, you can be 100% confident knowing that we always conduct thorough inspections whenever a tenant enters and vacates a property. As a result, our Ingoing and Outgoing Condition Reports are always very detailed. It is then up to you as landlord to review the report at the beginning and end of each Tenancy Agreement to ensure you are protecting your investment and minimising the risk of damage or theft going undetected.