What to do if you have a conflict with your landlord


Conflict is something we handle on an almost daily basis in our role as property managers. Often when a conflict arises between tenant and landlord, heightened emotions get in the way of reasonable, rational discussion. Our role is to act on behalf of landlords while working within the confines of the Law. This gives the advantage of objectivity and minimises heightened emotions.

The following tips will assist you when raising a matter of concern or conflict with us:

  • Always be polite. We understand that you may be feeling angry and emotional but aggressive behaviour will only delay resolution of the problem.  We can only help you if you let us and that is by being polite and explaining the issue in a calm, rational manner.
  • Put your issue or concern in writing. This ensures everything is documented and allows you to think about the issue carefully and objectively. We recommend a follow-up face-to-face meeting as well.
  • Give us sufficient time to raise your concerns with your landlord and come back with a suitable resolution.
  • Let us know of any issue as soon as it arises. Waiting and hoping it will go away may only make things worse.
  • Refer to your Lease Agreement for your tenancy ‘rules’.
  • Contact the Tenants Advisory Service if you feel you need additional assistance to resolve the issue.