Tenant induction process – it is there for a good reason


When coming in to sign a new Lease Agreement, it is crucial that you take the time to read the Lease and any special condition clauses very carefully before signing. This is known as the Tenant Induction Process. 

This important process outlines the rules and expectations of the tenancy. It is during this appointment that the landlord’s expectations are made clear. We also advise you of our procedures at this time, such as what happens if rent is not paid on time, what to do if you have a maintenance or repair request and the consequences of breaking the Lease Agreement.

Remember your Lease Agreement is a legally binding document. The document also holds the answers to almost every question you may have in relation to your tenancy. So it pays to take the time to go over it carefully.

If you have young children with you during the appointment it is best to ensure you bring something to help keep them occupied rather than trying to rush through the process.