Proposed new swimming pool rules will affect landlords


If your investment property comes with a swimming pool, it may no longer be enough by the beginning of summer to just have it properly fenced and signposted.

A new state government ruling, expected to be passed by Parliament at the end of November, will give pool owners in NSW up to 12 months to register their pool on a free, statewide register.  

In registering, pool owners will have to certify that, “to the best of their knowledge,” their pool fence complies with legislation. Failure to register within the 12 months would result in the issue of a $2,200 fine.

Under the proposed legislation, landlords will also have to pay up to $150 (capped fee) for their pool to be inspected by local council or a certified private operator each time their property is sold, leased or holiday let.  The rule would also apply to homeowners with a pool if they sell, lease or holiday let their property.

The proposed new legislation is the result of research that indicates that the rate of infant drowning cases could be reduced by up to 41% by increasing compliance with pool barrier requirements.