What is the best way to contact my property manager?


At Home Specialist Property Management our priority is to look after the needs of our valued landlords and tenants like no other property management agency on the Coast. Given a property manager’s hectic daily schedule however, your property manager may not always be available when you call or pop into the office. Our job revolves heavily around being out on the road conducting appraisals, inspections and arranging repairs and maintenance etc.

Therefore the best way to get in touch with your property manager is via email. For starters this will give both of you a written record of your communication. Your property manager will then either call you or respond to your email query as soon as possible.

Should you wish to meet with your property manager, it is advisable to call in advance to make an appointment so they can schedule sufficient time to meet your needs.

If you have a maintenance or repair issue to report, you can always jump online and report it electronically. Simply head to the Property Repair Request page in the resources section of our website and follow the prompts to report your maintenance issue.